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Vol 51(2017) N 2 p. 263-268; DOI 10.1134/S0026893317020042 Full Text

M.A. Avdonina1*, I.S. Abramov1, Y.I. Ammour2, T.V. Nasedkina1

Allelic variants of immune response genes in children with infectious complications during the treatment of acute leukemia

1Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119991 Russia
2Rogachev Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Moscow, 119117 Russia

Received - 2015-11-30; Accepted - 2016-03-01

Infectious complications that arise during the treatment of children with acute leukemia with chemotherapeutic agents at high doses represent a serious problem in oncohematology. To find genetic conditions that may lead to the development of postchemotherapy infections, the genomes of 12 children with acute leukemia who had severe infectious complications during therapy were examined. At the same time, the coding regions of 17 genes involved in the regulation of the immune response were determined by massive parallel sequencing. The analysis revealed 39 nonsynonymous SNPs that lead to amino acid substitutions, including the following informative genetic markers: PTPN22 c.1858C>T (rs2476601), TLR4 c.896A>G (rs4986790) and TLR4 c.1196C>T (rs4986791), IL7R c.197T>C (rs1494555) and IL7R c.412G>A (rs1494558). The results of massive parallel sequencing were validated by Sanger sequencing. The identification of genetic markers associated with the predisposition to infectious complications may allow one to assess the individual risk of the severe infection development in children with acute leukemia during the treatment with chemotherapeutic agents and to begin the development of personalized approaches to anticancer therapy.

targeted sequencing, acute leukemia, immune system genes, polymorphism